Book Of Correspondences

The Elements in Magick

Water Spells:

In these spells, with the main focus being that of water, we may take a bath or do washing where we cleanse our house. Maybe we will float a secret message in a bottle or on a leaf down a river or stream. These can also be spells where we go to the ocean or river and send our magickal intention out that way. These spells can be slow but more on the emotional side.

Type of spells: Love, Cleansing, Friendships/Relationships, Banishing, letting go, breaking bad habits, saying goodbye ect.

Vehicles for Water Spells: Cauldron *to hold water or potion*, Bathtub, sink, ocean, stream, river, pond, puddle, mop bucket, water bottle, water jug, potion bottle, ect.

Earth Spells:

Earth spells are great for dealing with the mundane issues in life such as the home life, and all things related as such. What does this planet earth mean to you? What areas of influence do you think these spells encompass? These types of spells are slow but lasting.

Type of Spells: home life, security, gaining employment, financial security, money matters, protection, grounding energies, marriage & settling down.

Vehicles for Earth Spells: Planting in a potted plant, planting under a tree, asking for a trees magickal assistance, using earth from various locations, planting a spell for a short period of time and then digging it up, doing cemetery magick, caves.

Air Spells:

These spells are extra interesting because Air deals with things that are unseen. These spells are great for a fast action, Air deals with the mind and the intellect and can be used to add extra oomph into our workings.

Types Of Spells: inspiration, knowledge, communication, our mind, the mind of others, persuasion, speech, learning, reading, teaching, paranormal/ghost apparitions or sightings.

Vehicles for Air Spells: Mountain tops, incense, windy days, cliff tops, tall trees, flags, wind chimes, windsocks, your hand sticking out of a moving vehicle, tall buildings, airplanes, airports, feathers, seed pods (dandelions!!).

Fire Spells:

Fire is the ultimate element to use for spells that need to have an extra umph of energy fast. These spells tend to be the ones to manifest the fastest but each spell has it’s own internal time line for manifestation. These spells are hot n spicy, and leave you in awe at the end. It is no wonder that most beginners use candle magick in the beginning.

Types of Spells: passion, sex, change (fast and rapid), extra energy, cooking / hearth work, destroying negativity, destroying evil.

Vehicles for Fire Spells: Candles, incense, ovens, stove tops, volcanos, grills, fire pits, lighters, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cauldrons (to burn things inside).

Colors in Magick

Red: passion, lust, energy, vigor.

Pink: love, friendship, soul-mate relationships, healing.

Yellow: happiness, optimism, luck, energy.

Orange: road opening, energy, fall/mabon/samhain.

Green: fertility, abundance, goddess energy, the green man, element of earth, the empress (tarot) money.

Blue: the mind, study, healing, element of water, element of air, dreams, wisdom.

Purple: royalty, psychic ability, divination, connection to the God/ddes.

Black: banishing, clearing, hexing/cursing, shadow work, samhain.

White: all purpose color works for all intentions, peace, purity, brings energy to anything.

Silver: Goddess work, astral work, intuition, priestess work, High Priestess(tarot), represents Goddess on the Altar.

Gold: God work, abundance, harvest, Sun Card (tarot), happiness, riches, fortune, represents the God on the altar.

The Planets

Each planet affects our magick & their energies can be harnessed in the hours of the day, days of the week, etc. Here is a table with the planetary hours & then you can look at what each planet's magickal energies are!

Earth: creativity, grounding, healing, the home, nurturing, protection.

Jupiter: abundance, business, control, honor, justice, leadership, power, prosperity, success.

Mars: aggression, action, anger, assertiveness, courage, death, endurance, energy, lust, defensive work, power, passion, strength.

Mercury: creativity, ideas, communication, learning, inspiration, intelligence, skills, wisdom.

Moon: emotions, feelings, fertility, magick, psychic ability, intuition, divination, transformation, spirit work, witchcraft/wicca, growth, influence.

Neptune: expanding awareness, consciousness, creativity, dream work, enchantment, guidance, other world, visions.

Pluto: changes, inner darkness, death, dream work, secrets, karma, memory, spirituality.

Saturn: authority, banishing, concentration, endings, binding, hexing/cursing, overcoming obstacles, knowledge.

Sun: energy, vigor, success, hope, inspiration, power, abundance, growth, warmth of life.

Uranus: freedom, goals, illumination, improvement of circumstances, motivation, power.

Venus: love, lust, luck, friendship, attraction, compassion, connections, desire, emotions, fertility, sex, harmony, pleasure, passion, romance, unity.

Times of Day

Dawn: awakening, beginnings, inspiration.
Noon: power, strength, willpower, pinnacle.
Twilight: diminishing, endings, changes, banishing.
Midnight: endings, releasing, witching hour, connection to the spirit realm.

Different Types of Spells


Poppets are usually made out of a cloth or fabric shaped in humanoid form, to represent a person. These are popular in the magickal tradition of Hoodoo & Voodoo. Though most of the time they are in human form they can indeed be shaped as pets or something else. The idea is that the poppet represents who the spell is being cast on.

I'll give you an example; several years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I made a healing poppet for her using one of her old shirts and filled it with healing herbs, rocks, and stuffing and cast monthly spells for healing. (she beat the cancer by the way!)

So yes a poppet does represent a person or animal.

Candle Spells

I'd wager a bet that most witches cast candle spells; they are fast, easy, and powerful! Afterall the element of fire really speeds magick along!

A candle spell is done by picking out a candle in a corresponding color to the witches need or intention and then carving symbols, anointing it in oils, and then rolling it in herbs.

As the candle is lit a spell is spoken, and sometimes the spell is chanted for sometime as the candle burns.

You can burn a slip of paper with your intention written down from the candle for extra umph!

Just remember fire is dangerous! Never leave a candle unattended, candles that have been anointed and rolled with herbs will flame up and cause a big bonfire type situation so if that is what you are going to do place the candle in either a large cauldron, burn it outside in a fire pit, or place it in another fire proof container keeping anything that is flammable out of the way. I like to keep a fire extinguisher handy as well when I am doing candle magick.

Jar Spells

Another fun and easy way to work magick is a jar spell, they have been around for ages. Think of the Witches Bottles found, that are centuries old! Jar spells contain ingredients and personal items (often called taglocks) that represent the person or thing the spell is meant to influence. The jars are sealed and then either buried off the property or on the property depending on the intention of the spell.

Jar spells are also popular in Hoodoo, honey jar spells are meant to influence someone- to sweeten them up to you. You fill out a petition paper, fill the jar with sugar, honey, molasses, and seal it. Then you place candles on top of the jar and burn them until the spell manifests. I've also done this spell with great success. Baby food jars work well in this type of magick!

Mojo Bags & Spell Bags

Mojo bags or spell bags are another spell vehicle. I like them because they remind me of a Shaman's Medicine bag. They are are usually made out of red flannel (this is specifically true in the Hoodoo Tradition), and filled with herbs, crystals, roots, and personal items. Then they are tied shut and "fed" oils to keep the magick active.

Of course you can alter this and burn a candle placing the bag at the base of the candle (as long as it's safe) and use that to feed the spell bag.

Sometimes these bags are sewn into clothing, carried in a purse or pocket, or placed in between a mattress and a box spring on a bed.

Elemental Spells

Earth Spells

Earth spells use earth from various locations. An example would be in a justice spell using dirt outside a court room, a protection spell grab some dirt from a police station, etc.

You can bury spell vehicles in the ground for long lasting magickal results; protection spell bottles are often buried outside the front door of a witches house.

You can buy a seed or a small plant and enchant it, as the plant grows so does your magickal influence.

These are just a few examples of earth spells.

Air Spells

Air spells can be done by burning herbs and wafting the smoke, essentially smudging.

You can enchant a wind chime, flag, or make a prayer ribbon and tie it to a tree. As the wind catches these items your spell is carried through the air to manifest for you.

Another way to capture the element of air in your spells is to do singing or chanting of your spells and intentions.

Water Spells

Ah my favorite being a sea witch! I love water magick, creating magick with teas, baths, washes. Going to the water and casting spells in lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean.

I go through this a bit more in depth in this post on Ocean Magick!

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Fire Spells

Fire spells are like I mentioned above are candle spells.

Burning petition papers

Lighting bonfires and chanting and dancing around a fire.

Jumping over the bonfire is a common fertility practice of Pagan newlyweds.

Seasons in Magick

Each season holds different energies that we can tap into for our spells & rituals. These correspondences will help you tap into the seasonal energies by giving you magickal associations, animals, & minerals to help deepen your connection & enhance your magick.

Is cold, frozen, and barren. Animals have worked all summer and fall to build up a food store and a tolerance for this harsh season.
Magickal associations: Endings, ridding yourself of negative influences, meditation practices, devotional practices, inner work, dream time practices, and journeying.
Time of day: night/midnight
Animals: bear, fox, rabbit.
Minerals: snow flake obsidian, black obsidian, jet, hematite, howlite, sodalite, owl.

Spring time is the time when everything comes to life, animals awaken from their winter slumber and enjoy a fresh start.
Magickal associations: rebirth, new beginnings, new ventures, planting seeds (either figuratively or actually), fertility magick.
Time of day: early morning dawn.
Animals: rabbit, Robbin red breast, snake.
Minerals: adventurine, moss agate, jade, clear quartz, aquamarine.

Summer is the time of energy and movement. Everything is putting out 110% towards building up for the winter. Trees are green, flowers are blooming, and bee’s are buzzing.
Magickal associations: energy, building up goals to add extra energy to them (business, personal, and relationships), protection. Because summer is related to the sun any magickal act undertaken during this time summer will have added energy.
Time of day: noon, when the sun is at its height.
Animals: bees, frogs, hawk, cardinal (bird), great blue heron, turtle.
Minerals: carnelian, amber, citrine, topaz.
In fall everything puts forth one last burst of energy. Fall is a time of gathering and reaping that which we have planted.
Magickal associations: endings, harvesting which we have worked for, clearing.
Time of day: dusk, night fall.
Animals: cat, bat, dog.
Minerals: labradorite, moonstone, Smokey quartz, amethyst.

Numbers in Magick

When we do magick sometimes we have to do something more than once to get our goal to manifest faster. When we work with numbers we can really take our magick to the next level. We can use these numbers by: how many candles to use in a spell, how many times to do a spell, how many herbs/crystals/tools to use, how many days to do a spell, etc.
One- is the number of beginnings, it's potent and carries a big punch but it's often not enough to bring about our desires, it's good when we want to begin something but don't know where we want to go 100% yet. Action, beginnings, business, courage, independence, inspiration, power.
Two- two is the number of partnership. balance, empathy, friendship, increase, intuition, love, romance, support.
Three- Action, ambition, beauty, connections, cycles, healing, love, magick, manifestation, motivation, protection, success.
Four- attraction, business, community, desire, justice, patience, power, stability.
Five-desire, energy, freedom from fear, opportunities, passion, power, senses, spirits, spirituality, travel.
Six- Happiness, harmony, family, friendship, the home, lucky, money, sympathy.
Seven- Business, changes, clairvoyance, faith, Goddess, healing, intelligence, money, optimism, problems, secrets, success, truth, wisdom.
Eight-Fertility, increase, justice, karma, order, patience, pride, well-being.
Nine- Courage, power, learning, loss, the mind, protection, wisdom.
Ten- Accomplishment, finalization, cycles, marriage, unity.

Days of the Week


Planet: Moon
Color: Silver, Blue
Chakra: Third Eye
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Mugwort, willow, water lilies, cattails, watercress, rice, jasmine, Azalea.
Tool: Cup/Cauldron
Stones: Moonstone, Aquamarine, clear quartz, selenite, pearls (an actual pearl or mother of pearl), shells, Opal, labradorite, Amethyst.
Element: Water
Magick: Healing, The Goddess, connecting to the feminine, psychic ability, fertility, divination, dream time, journeying.

Planet: Mars
Color: red, orange, yellow.
Chakra: Solar Plexus/Root
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Cinnamon, Allspice, Cayenne Pepper, Hot Peppers, Red Peppers, Red Roses, Curry, Ginger, Japanese Maple, Burning Bush.
Tool: Candle, Incense, bonfire.
Stones: Fire opal, fire agate (red/orange), (red/orange) calcite, Carnelian,
Element: Fire
Magick: Successful completion of goals, setting goals, moving things forward, defense work.

Planet: Mercury
Color: Yellow
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Throat, Crown.
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Lavender, Dill, Couscous, Lime, Resins, Fennel, Parsley.
Tools: Athame, Wand, Incense, Pen & Paper, Brush & Paint.
Stones: Sodalite, citrine, Amber, Turquoise, clear quartz, Opalite, amazonite, Fluorite.
Element: Air
Magick: Inspiration, creation, new ideas, channeling, writing.

Planet: Jupiter
Color: Purple, Gold, Brown.
Chakra: Spleen(2nd)
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Mint, Dill, Thyme, Garlic, Star Anise, Tabouleh, Bruschetta, patchouli.
Tools: Pentacle, Scales, Stones.
Stones: Emerald, Onyx, Aventurine, Jade, Pyrite, Moss Agate, Citrine, Green Calcite.
Element: Earth
Magick: Growth, Expansion, Money, Prosperity, Business Success, Jobs/Career

Planet: Venus
Color: Red, Pink, Green.
Chakra: Heart, Spleen (2nd)
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Strawberry, Basil, Rose, Oysters, Chocolate, Catnip, Apple, Wine, Authentic Italian Food (yeah I think italians have the love thing down!).
Tools: Cauldron, Cup, Bath, Candle, Oil, Hearts.
Stones: Ruby, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Danburite, Emerald, Kunzite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite.
Element: Water, Fire
Magick: Love, Passion, Relationships, Sex, Friendships, Mending relationships of all kinds.

Planet: Saturn
Color: Black, Purple, Gray
Chakra: Root, Crown.
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Lima beans, Beans, Ivy, Poison Ivy (caution skin irritant), Vines (Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Grapes, Morning glory), Nettle, Liver.
Tools: Cauldron, Water, Pentacle, Wasp/Hornet Paper (from a dead nest), Nails, Pins, broken glass, binding/sinew,
Stones: Iron, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Black Obsidian.
Element: Earth & Water
Magick: Banishing, Retribution, Hexing/Cursing, Binding, Justice, Truth Magick.

Planet: Sun
Color: Gold, Yellow, White
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Hand Chakras.
Herbs/Plants/Foods: Sunflower, Calendula, Honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Marigold, Bay, Cinnamon, Cedar, Cumin, old bay seasoning (a summer favorite!), Salsa, Mexican/Indian Food.
Tools: Candle, Bonfire.
Stones: Sunstone, Carnelian, Garnet, Fire Agate,
Element: Fire
Magick: Success, Movement Forward, God magick/work, connecting to the masculine.

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