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Can Reiki Do Harm?

Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that has risen in popularity in the last 10 years. As more and more people learn this amazing energy system I see more and more questions about Reiki doing harm. Here are some common questions?

Can Reiki be used on cancer patients? 
Can Reiki be used on someone who is menstruating? 
Can  Reiki be used on broken bones? 

Can Reiki Do Harm?

As I was taught by my Reiki Masters, Reiki is an intelligent energy directly coming from divine source (call that what you will; God, Goddess, the Universe) it is because of that Reiki can never do any harm because that would be against the will of the divine. 

I was taught that Reiki should be held off in certain cases because it can speed up the healing process. So  yes in some cases you may hold off on Reiki such as a broken bone before it is set properly by a doctor, you wouldn't want them to have to rebreak the bone to set it properly again. 

This was the only instance I was taught in my Reiki 2 course to wait before giving Reiki, a broken bone. 

Where Can You Use Reiki? 

Reiki can be used for any health situation.

There are different healing techniques that can be used for different situations, here are some common issues and how you may treat them using Reiki & the symbols. 

  • Cancer: Reversed Cho Ku Rei can be used to diminish the energy of the cancer cells followed by a regular Cho Ku Rei to bring healing. 
  • Tumor: Reversed Cho Ku Rei can be used to diminish the energy of the cancer cells followed by a regular Cho Ku Rei to bring healing.
  • Sprain/Strain: a sprained or strained muscle usually needs to relax in this case I would use a Cho Ku Rei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, the distance symbol (the distance symbol would be used to go back in time to the time of the incident) 
  • Intense Pain: for intense pain I would use a Reversed Cho Ku Rei and perhaps a reversed Raku symbol (from tibetan Reiki) to dispel the pain energy. Followed by holding your hands above the area and using the regular Cho Ku Rei symbol. 
  • Menstrual Pain: for menstrual pain use a Reversed Cho Ku Rei symbol over your lower abdomen where the pain is, followed by a regular Cho Ku Rei symbol. 
  • Broken Bones: while it's not wise to give Reiki before a bone is set, after the bone is set I would use the regular Cho Ku Rei symbol to bring healing if the pain is really bad you can also start with a reversed Cho Ku Rei Symbol.  
  • Head Colds: a cold that originates in the head I would use a Cho Ku Rei symbol and the Sei He Ki symbol. 
  • Flu/Bad Cold: for a severe cold or flu I would recommend doing a full body treatment as much as possible, as you lie in bed or in a chair resting place your hands anywhere on your body and intend that Reiki will flow. The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be used to power up your Reiki session. 
  • Panic Attacks: for panic or anxiety attacks I recommend using a reversed Cho Ku Rei followed by Sei He Ki. Treatments should be done on the head and solar plexus area right under the breast area. 
  • Tooth Ache: for tooth aches it's wise to use a reversed Cho Ku Rei followed by a Regular Cho Ku Rei on face where the pain is emanating from. 

*** Remember that no matter what health situation you are going through physical or emotional you must see a licensed medical Doctor. Reiki is never used without first consulting a licensed doctor.***

Reiki can be used for any number of ailments and conditions not just medical or health related.

Reiki can never be used to harm another and it can never do any harm unless it is done without first consulting a qualified Licensed medical professional.

When used in conjunction with traditional medical practices Reiki can shorten recovery time, help with pain relief. 

To learn more about Reiki or how you can begin to work with Reiki click on the button to learn more:


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