Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy

The ocean is an incredibly powerful force. It's something that once we tap into fully we will never be the same. 

I remember the first time I felt the power of the ocean, it was all encompassing; it was humbling. Since that day I've connected with water on a deeper and more profound way than ever before. 

Connecting with the ocean can be as complicated or as simple as you desire. 

Simple Steps to Connect with the Ocean

The easiest way to connect with the ocean when you're landlocked is:

  • To grab a cup of water
  • add in a few pinches of salt
  • Stir the water with your dominant hand's pointer finger and say:

“salt & water mixed as one, my connection to the ocean has now begun."
  • Hold the water in your hands 
  • take several deep breaths and relax
  • Gaze into the cup of water and feel yourself melding with the water.

Another way is:

  • Run yourself a nice hot bath
  • surround the  bath with blue, green, and gray candles, sacred  colors of the ocean.
  • You can also place: shells,  pearls, driftwood, & mermaid images.
  • Add in a few dashes of salt you could use natural sea salt, or Himalayan salt.
  • using the above incantation, and get in the bath.
  • As you are in the  bath imagine you are in the waters of the ocean.

It seems simple but sometimes simple is best.

I go over more ways to connect with the Ocean in a free guide which you can grab below:


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