Red-Winged BlackBird Message

Lately I have been spending a lot of time at a pond near my house, walking my adorable puppy Russo. 

This pond is right next to my house near some fields that are run by my local township so there's always people there, and because we are trying to get Russo socialized and loving people & kids at a young age I've been spending a lot of his waking time over there meeting new people. 

I am a water girl though and I love to visit the pond. The pond isn't natural it's man made. I still remember when it was a farm instead of a sports park and a walking trail. The pond was something I stocked with goldfish, regular fish, and frogs which has become a booming ecosystem. HUGE bullfrogs line pond during the summer and can be heard calling to each other. The pond has also become home to a large gathering of Red-winged Blackbirds.

I've been visiting this pond for years and I have never really put too much thought into these Red-winged Black birds before, besides that they have a beautiful voice and bright red and orange coloring on their wings. 

I just enjoy their song and playful banter on the tall cat tails that line the pond. However, this week I really stopped, mostly because Russo likes to play in the reeds and try to eat them.

I watched these birds, I listened to their song, it began to call to me. Similar to the way fox called to me two years ago. 

About The Red-Winged Black Bird

The Red-Winged blackbird lives in marsh land near water, and settles in groups. They have a beautiful red and yellowy orange patch on their black wings which really stands out. Their call is high and beautiful. 

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Totem Meaning: Red-Winged Black Bird

When I got home I did some research before going on a Shamanic Journey to learn what her message was to me. Shamanically the Red-Winged Blackbird teaches us:

  • To follow our calling.
  • To Step into our true selves and our power.
  • Creation of a legacy.
  • Standing out in a crowd and becoming comfortable being seen. 
  • Being kind and compassionate to others. 

For me this song of the red-winged blackbird is all about stepping into myself in a deeper more authentic way. I am not hiding who I am, but I don't broadcast it either. In the business world that isn't a good thing. How can people know I can help them I don't share who I am? The red-winged blackbird is also telling me about stepping more fully into my role as a Shaman and working with the animals and the spirits of water. 

In the next coming weeks i'll be more visible on my facebook page & group doing live streams; we'll spend time with Russo & the red-winged blackbird's. I'd love for you to "like" my page and join my group. 


Posted on  09/04/2018 09:09 Less than a year ago, I was called to form the Coven of the Red Winged Blackbird. He called me almost the same way he called to you. I am also a Shaman and Reiki healer. I can't wait to be part of this conversation!
Katie McBrien- The Sea Shaman
Posted on  21/05/2018 16:50 Emmialle, I haven't yet figured out how to respond directly to comments so you can get notified but that is really fascinating. I'd love to talk more about your coven and your call to the red winged black bird!

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