Sea Totems

Dictionary of Sea Totems

Sea life can be a great ally to a Sea Shaman, working with animal energies have been around and present for years. Many times we are visited in dreams, in real life, and in our thoughts and meditations by animal allies.

However, we can choose to consciously work with different animals to work on different blocks we have in our life or to bring about a desired change.

Here are some of my favorite animals and how you can use them in your spiritual practice.

Crab- call on crab for protection, increasing psychic abilities, getting out of situations that aren't good for you, defending yourself.

Dolphin- finding the joy in any situation, sacred sexuality, community & friendship.

Eel- patience, remaining unseen, partnerships that are out of the ordinary, sacred breath, kundali awakening.

Jellyfish- sensitivity to water, going with the flow, proper use of power.

Nautilus- sacred geometry, beauty and perfection.

Octopus- increasing knowledge, proper use of inherent skills to evade enemies, adaptability.

seahorse- gender role reversal, strong masculine force, hanging on during tough times.

Sea Turtle- survivor against all odds, strong family ties, bridge between the water and the earth.

Shark- removal of negative energy, survivor, proper use of energy, redefining stereotypes, working on increasing psychic abilities.

Starfish- connection to the stars, a sea pentagram, increasing your ability to observe.

Stingray- a good totem for people with psychic empathy, increasing empathy, observation.

Whale- sacred song, going within to find personal truths, diving deep into a situation for more clarity, sacred breath, need to retreat.


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