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Hello fellow Sea Travelers, I took some time off in the beginning of the month to really settle into the New Year. In my "9-5" job I worked almost the entire holiday, only having off for Christmas proper, so it was a good time to relax after the excitement of the Holidays. 

I have been busy updating my website; putting out my new newsletter

I'm offering a discounted Akashic Package for healing your money & transforming your finances for just $75.00 it will never be this low again so take advantage of this price while it lasts. 

Important Updates

I'd also like to mention that i'll no longer be doing Tarot & Psychic Readings through this website; they are all now located on my Etsy Cyan Tarot (link to Etsy)  You can visit the main website here

I've been posting daily oracle reading on both my Facebook Page & my Facebook Group! I'd love for you to join me! 

Our Online School has moved! Please check out our available e-courses here

Do you have a business or are thinking about starting your own? The Business Goddess was created to help you start your business and create a powerful website, but most of all to support those who need accountability in their business. 

We are using the Mermaid Tarot by Lo Scarabeo.  

The only constant in life is change, and this week things are changing. This doesn't mean an actual death of something, this means that things are transforming and shifting. 

Things that are no longer working for us will fade away, not only within our external lives but also within our thinking. Perhaps something we have clung on too for a long time will no longer make sense for us. 

Don't fight this, change and transformation is necessary for growth and anything that is need of this energy will be affected. 

Perhaps you already know what may be shifting and changing (as I can think of how this relates to my life) no matter what is shifting and changing know that you're safe and protected. 


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