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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome fellow sea travelers, here in Eastern Pennsylvania, we have just had the most beautiful couple of days topping at around 80 degrees. Lovely!

Personally this week has had many up's and down's. In my "9-5" job my close friend has moved on to a job more in alignment to his passions; I am so happy for him, but it leaves me feeling sad I won't have his light hearted personality to brighten my day.

My work has also become more in misalignment with my morals and my personal belief system

I truly honor what this job has given me; 10 years of being able to pay most of my bills with ease, confidence in myself, the ability to create and learn how to make websites, friends, and my most best and dearest friend I have met to date in my life (which honestly tops every other accomplishment I have had in the last 10 years.)

I have decided though that it's time to move on. So this weeks reading is definitely speaking to me loud and clear!

This week we are using the Mystic Shaman Oracle I just love this deck! 

This week our message is all about waking us up; jolting us into action on our true purpose. Perhaps, like me, you have been waiting for things to be just right; the truth is things will never be "just right". If you know your calling the time has come to step up to the plate and do what has to get done. 

What are you waiting for? A sign? If so this is it 

Just like lightning it can be scary to step into the drivers seat of your life it's always easier to sit back and blame something else for what's wrong in our lives, but this week we are being called out. We are holding ourselves back! It's time to really step up our game. 

You're protected and guided, it's time to act

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:

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