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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome fellow sea travelers,  today's a glorious 60 degrees out! It's so beautiful, it's hard to believe that in just one day we are due for another six inches of snow! Easter has just passed including the rare blue moon.  

This week we are using the Sea Whispers Oracle by Lynn Thurman. I just love this deck and it's watery energy. It's perfect for me as a Sea Shaman. 

This week we are being asked to look at how we share our love with others. Perhaps you've closed your heart to others after you've been hurt to save yourself from further heartbreak. Is that really working for you? Probably not. 

This week is all about love in it's various expressions and forms. Love can be between friends, between someone we are in love with, our family, parent and child. It can even relate to our passions! 

No matter what it relates to this week we are being asked to express it and not hold it within. 

The world could use more love these days. so don't be afraid of the most powerful emotion we can possibly express. 

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