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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome fellow sea travelers, the weather is finally starting to warm up here a bit in eastern Pennsylvania. I am putting my final touches on my Reiki 1 & 2 combined on-line course. I have it on sale for $25.00; if learning Reiki is something you're interested in I highly recommend you grab it at this price as it won't be this low for long. 

This week I received my Mystic Shaman Oracle in the mail; hayhouse was doing a sale 20% off all decks and free shipping on order $25+ and the deck was exactly $25. Which was a ton cheaper than amazon was selling it (yeah amazon you're slacking!). So this week we are using my new deck. 

This week our message is about the Lower World, and for those of you who are not familiar with shamanism, their cosmetology may be a bit in left field for you. 

The lower world is where our power animals reside, it's where we can go to find power and deep healing. When we go through traumatic events sometimes parts of our soul can leave, it's in the lower world that these parts can be found, healed, and brought back. 

The lower world message to us is its time to go deep within and find the parts of ourselves that need healing. What hidden gems have you kept hidden from the world? It's time now to source deep within yourself to find these pieces and bring them back. 

Healing is needed. 

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:

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