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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome fellow sea travelers, another beautiful week. This week my son had a band concert he plays the baritone saxophone. It was a good concert. 

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We are using the Mystic Shaman Oracle, this week. 

This week we are being asked to set our intention and let it go. What we aim at we will hit, make sure it's a good one. 

We are being asked not to worry about how our intention will manifest, but just know that it will manifest. Sometimes spirit has a better plan for us than we can see because it can see everything from higher detached point of view. 

So what are you aiming for this week? 

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:

Totem Course!

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  • Journey to the lower world to find our totem
  • Begin working with your totem; including in-depth ways to connect with your totem on a daily basis.
  • Journey upper world where will find our spiritual teacher
  • Begin to solve one major life issue we are going through.  
  • How to do Shamanic rituals such as a fire ceremony and a despacho ceremony. 


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