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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome fellow sea travelers, I just got back from a relaxing trip to the ocean!

It was wonderful, I got a chance to spend some quality time with just my son; and I got a break from the pollen for a few days; which was worth every penny!

Here's a quick video of the ocean to enjoy. 

This week we are using the Mystic Shaman Oracle.

This week we are being told to forge our own path. Following the ways of others isn't going to do us any good. 

Look at the path spirit has laid for you; there are signs and omens of what path you should be on and that is the path you should take even if it seems scary & overwhelming. 

The hunter doesn't rely on anyone else but his or her own intuition and vision. 

Can you detach from others to follow your own path? 

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:

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