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Weekly Tarot Reading

Hello fellow Sea Travelers,  I have a few things to update you on:

  1. I'm doing a giveaway of The Outer Temple of Witchcraft; you can enter here
  2. I'm offering an on demand webinar on Totems you can sign up for that here

Personally this past week was a dozy! I plan to blog more about this in the future because i know someone else is like me and going through the same issues; and probably feeling just as lost as I was.

My psychic abilities this week were on full force; I felt everything from everyone and everything. I left work crying almost every day because of how overwhelmed I was. It even flared up a long term health issue I have. I'm very glad it's the weekend and I'm getting my chance to renew my spirit and ground myself. 

This week we are using the Mystic Shaman Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid & Alberto Villoldo. 

This week the sacred trickster comes to join us. Expect plans to go a bit awry this week. 

Coyote comes to throw us off our game to make sure that we are truly ready to get what we have set into motion. 

It's a test of our faith and our resolve on our sacred journey. 

If you find yourself discouraged beyond belief this week perhaps what you've asked for is not for you. 

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:


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