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Weekly Tarot Reading

Hello fellow Sea Travelers, some important news:

  1.  I decided to combine Magickal Enchantments with this website (again focusing solely on one website). 
  2. The Sea Priestess's Book of Spells is available as a paperback book! So many people asked me if they could get it as a paperback I decided it was a good idea! You can purchase that here signed copies will be available on my website soon.
  3. I'll be doing my first give-a-way this week in my Facebook group; if you're not apart of the group & want to partake in this give-a-way please head on over there and join the group

This week we are going to use a different Oracle Card System; The Oracle of Black Enchantment by Deviant Moon

This system is a bit darker than my normal decks; but I have a thing for asylums & the artwork!

Plus I love how Patrick Valenza marketed this deck. 

-:- -:- -:- 

A celebration with like minded individuals is in order; time to gather your friends and family and make merry and celebrate all that you've accomplished; when is the last time you've celebrated?  

A sacred pilgrimage or journey is in order to honor the divine and pay your respects to the forces of the universe beyond our human understanding.

Celebrate the turning of the wheel & the celestial events that help us manifest and remove obstacles in our lives. 

Here are some helpful links if you need more guidance on this weeks reading:


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