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Weekly Tarot Reading

Hello fellow Sea Travelers, I've been super busy with my Akashic course giving readings to fellow classmates and venturing out and giving readings to the public. The positive response has been overwhelming! 

If you're interested in getting a free Akashic Reading please reach out to me at: and we can set something up. (Please note this offer is only valid until October 10th! ) At that point i'll be a practitioner in training and i'll be offering discounted readings. 

I've been posting daily oracle reading on both my Facebook Page & my Facebook Group! I'd love for you to join me! 

**Please note** My e-store will be closed temporarily starting Tuesday September 4th while I redesign and reformat my offerings. I'm unsure of when it will open if you want a reading please e-mail me and we can discuss. 

This week we are using the Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Well-Stein. I just adore this deck! 

Things don't stay the same, no matter how hard or much we want them too. 

This week not only starts the beginning of fall, but it also heralds for some life changes. 

Perhaps something that you've held on too for a long time will no longer serve you. 

Do not be afraid, our job is to learn and grow and that is exactly what change does, it forces our hand to expand ourselves and grow exponentially. 

Is there any area in your life that is stagnant and needs to change? If so it's time to begin making those changes. 

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