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Hi! I just wanted to share some updates; I have a few. 

  • The Akashic Reader- The Akashic Reader is my new site, I've been a card reader for over 15 years, focusing on Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards. I love psychic card reading, but when I did my first Akashic Reading for a client I was blown away at the accuracy and the ease of getting the information, that I know in order to serve you best that I have to focus my energy on this. The results are mind blowing. I see great potential for deep soul healing with Akashic Readings. To check out the site you can go here: 
  • Magick By The Sea- I have run this website for several years now, I had a free section for downloading freebies; all you needed to provide was your e-mail. Recently though I've been looking for a place outside of Facebook (I really dislike social media) to host a place for my tribe to get together and share on the Path of The Sea Priestess. That's how Magick by the Sea was created. Right now it's free to join, because I have too many other projects going on to devote to creating consistent material, but this site has the potential to be really good. It's a lot like Facebook in that you can post short updates, share quick ideas, write mini articles in the forum, etc. to share with the tribe. Plus there's an apple and android app that allows you to stay connected on the go. Check out Magick by The Sea. 
  • My Next Book- I have this dream of being the "perfect" business owner; hoping on Facebook and doing lives and teaching, creating amazing content, doing free readings, etc. However, after working a full time job, being a single mom, and writing my latest book I just don't have the energy for that. I'm a private person, I'm going through some of my own blocks with being visible, that i'm just having a hard time being that perfect business owner right now. I'm here if you send me an e-mail, but besides that I have to show up how I feel most comfortable right now. I'm focusing completely on writing this book, doing Akashic Readings, and creating my tribe over on Magick By The Sea.  Like I said I'm having a real issue when it comes to social media, it's not that I hate it, I just think it's become like middle school. 

Warning- has cursing in it. 

That's my issue, I can't take the arguing the posts where people talk down to each other they wouldn't otherwise in person. Regardless that's what I'm up too right now. 

Anyways, I'd love for you to join me on Magick By The Sea, if you have any issues let me know.




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