Reiki Two Course

Reiki Two Course

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Learn Usui Reiki 2 in the comfort of your own home in this home study course.

Reiki 2 teaches you more advanced skills including 12 symbols which deepens your connection to the Reiki healing energy. This course also teaches you how to perform distant Reiki healing sessions.   

In this course you'll learn:  

   ♥ How to perform distant healing sessions  

   ♥ How to use the 3 symbols to deepen your Reiki connection.  

   ♥ 9 Alternative Reiki symbols   

   ♥ How to do psychic surgery  

   ♥ How to heal the past, present, and influence the future. 

   ♥ How to work with animals on a deeper and more profound level. 

Please Note: you must have taken Reiki 1 already either with me or another teacher. 

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