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Spell Consultations

Find out what you need to do so that you can finally cast effective & powerful Spells

About Spell Consultations

I've been a practicing witch for over 21 years, and I've learned that sometimes we just need a little help when a situation can't seem to be resolved. 

Perhaps you want to cast a spell but you're not sure how, or you've scoured over books to find the perfect spell for your situation & you can't! Or worse you've already cast several spells and can't seem to make anything happen! 

A Spell Consultation is perfect for you! 

In our 60-90 minute live session together we will go over:

  • An initial intake form so that I can get to know you & your situation. 
  • A Live Psychic Reading on your situation
  • What Ingredients to use
  • What to say & do
  • How to follow up on your spell so that you can get the best results
  • 2 Follow up e-mails you can send me whenever. 


Get clear on how to cast effective & powerful Spells


Find out the best ingredients to use in your spells.


Find out the best time to cast your spells

About Katie

Katie McBrien is a published author, a practicing Witch & Shamanic Healer dedicated to bringing hidden knowledge and wisdom out into the open.

Katie is a certified Ethical Psychic & clairvoyant through Cyan Tarot, & a Akashic Reader.

Katie also runs a training and support group for women soulful Entrepreneurs called "The Business Goddess"

Katie lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her son, dog, cat, and frogs. 

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A single 60-90 minute session. 

Two Follow Up E-Mails

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