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An oracle reading is short and to the point; it can give simple yes and no answers.

Types of Readings:

  1. E-Mail Reading- an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you purchased your reading from. 
  2. Phone Reading- you can book your phone reading here after you purchase your reading, you will have me on the phone for 30 minutes and can ask as many questions as you'd like during this time. 
  3. Video Reading- you can either have a live video, please book your live reading here, or  reading done via zoom or skype; or a private recorded reading hosted on a private you-tube link. 

Oracle Cards

I have a variety of oracle cards for you to choose from a list is forthcoming.   

Lenormand Cards 

The lenormand is perfect for everyday questions such as:

  • Is this a good house for me to buy? 
  • Tell me about my job in the future?

The lenormand doesn't really go into depth about if you'll love the house (that is more tarot oriented) you buy but it will tell you that there are foundation issues and loud nosy neighbors. 

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