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About Katie McBrien

Katie McBrien is a published author, a practicing Witch & Shamanic Healer dedicated to bringing hidden knowledge and wisdom out into the open.

Katie is a certified Ethical Psychic & clairvoyant through Cyan Tarot, & a Akashic Reader

Katie lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her son, dog, cat, and frogs. 



"Thank you Katie, I really enjoyed our session today. You clearly love what you do, your passion and enjoyment radiated from you which after literally just coming in from a 6 hour journey has perked me right up!! {What}You picked up about me was completely spot on and highlights and confirms to me what my next step is that I need to take to heal and move forward. Thanks again Katie, as I write this I can feel the energy still working away. Truly wonderful!"

"Katie is wonderful at what she does! I've learned so much from her just by following her posts. She has an exceptional way of relaying intuitive messages. Highly recommended!"

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Katie can be reached by filling out this form or by e-mailing her at:


Katie can also be reached by texting: 267-405-2232 or on Skype: live:seapriestess15

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